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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Are you at all interested in publishing books related to Christian living if written by a local author? I am contemplating accepting an offer to publish by a national publisher, but I saw some of your work at Hastings in Montrose and was impressed.

    Office phone: 252-1586

  2. dave says:

    Steve, Mt. Sneffels Press is a small outfit that does three things: 1) provides web fulfillment services for local authors (author gets 60%, I get 40%, I take care of shipping) 2) Helps a handful of people (including the local railroad museum) publish their books–they pay for the printing, are responsible for all marketing, sell their own books locally, and I handle web fulfillment, and 3) Publish my flying broomstick fantasy books. At this point Mt. Sneffels Press isn’t adding anything to its own catalog, but I’d be happy to do web fulfillment for your book (with some if’s). If you have an offer from a traditional publishing house, I’d say you should take it. If you wish to self-publish, you can look at my Technology page where I list all my suppliers. Or, you can contact Carole London (see middle of page here), who helps authors through the self-publishing experience, including editing, printing, and tips on marketing. Another option you should consider is not printing anything at all, but rather publish on Kindle. It’s free, easy, and neatly eliminates fulfillment problems. If your book sells for between $2.99 and $9.99, your royalties are 70%! And people can read on Kindle whether or not they have a Kindle, as there’s a PC app, an iPad app, etc., allowing just about anyone to read Kindle books. My wife reads Kindle books on her iPod Touch.

  3. Hillary King says:

    Hi Mr. Casler,

    My name is Hillary King, and I am an emergency management consultant with a company called AMEC Earth and Environmental in Boulder. We are currently writing wildfire mitigation plans for Ouray, Montrose, Gunnison and Delta counties, and I came across your blog when I was looking for pictures of Buckhorn Lakes for the Montrose County plan. I was wondering if we could please use one of your images of Buckhorn Lakes for that community’s section in the Montrose plan, provided that we give you full credit and acknowledgement in the plan for the image. We use the photos to illustrate fuel types and topography in each community, but our partners from West Region Wildfire Council and the Colorado State Forest Service were unable to get very far into the Buckhorn Lakes community to take pictures due to snow.

    Thank you very much for your time and have a good weekend,
    Hillary King

  4. Eve Donegan says:

    Hi Dave,

    I just left you a message, but I’m a writer with MontroseStyle magazine. For our upcoming fall/winter issue we were hoping to do a bit on local authors and I thought you might be a good contact.

    I’m on a tight deadline, so the earlier you can get back to me the better. Thank you!

    Eve — or 318-8439

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