Author Services

Mt. Sneffels Press is very much about local authors. Local, that is, to Southwestern Colorado, particularly Ouray, Montrose, and Delta Counties. In addition, there are several good local folk who offer their services to authors. This page is dedicated to them. Note that they can help you even if you live in Timbuktu. Or Tallahassee. You can contact these folks directly.


What would a non-fiction book be without an index? And yet I’ve seen too many with such flimsy indexes as to be frustrating and useless. We have a professional indexer in our midst. See Noalani Terry’s profile here.


Carole London is the principal behind London Publishing. Her card notes “helping writers through the daunting process of publishing.” I don’t have a profile page for her on this website yet, but you can contact her at 10614 Bostwick Park Road, Montrose, CO 81401, +1-970-240-1153. She’s putting up a website at, which is under construction.

Web Fulfillment for Local Authors

Mt. Sneffels Press provides web fulfillment for those local authors who don’t want to mess with Paypal and shipping and all that. See the details here.

The Usual Caveats

I’m delighted to provide this place for local author service providers to list their capabilities. I likely have not used them, so cannot vouch for the details. Usually their websites have references and details. Please work with these people directly.

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