Upcoming Workshop at Montrose Library: Writing Compelling Dialog

Here’s something to put on your calendar for Wednesday, February 20, 2013:

Workshop on dialog in narrative fiction. Local author Dave Casler leads another writer’s workshop, this time on developing compelling dialog in narrative fiction. Learn how to make dialog realistic, compelling, and a key part of your storytelling. Dialog makes fiction come alive and provides a portal into our characters. It also pushes the story forward, informs the reader, and draws us into the book or short story. There are two sessions, both in workshop format. Bring with you samples of dialog you’ve written or particularly admire (or don’t admire!) and we’ll look at it together. Several exercises are provided in class to hone various aspects of dialog writing. All critiques are positive and gentle! The workshop is for the young and old—those under 14 should be accompanied by a parent who participates in the workshop. Between the two sessions, participants complete exercises at home designed to heighten you awareness of dialog, which we’ll share at the second session. Participation is free and open to the public. Please plan on attending both sessions.

And, here’s the Feb 2013 Dialog Workshop Class Handout, which you can print and bring with you. I’ll also have copies at the workshop.

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