Oh my! I qualify!

I had a blast at last year’s Mensa national convention in Denver, selling every copy of Broom 1 and Broom 2 that I had with me. And I’m looking forward to speaking by invitation at the Mensa Regional Convention in Reno on October 3rd. About flying broomsticks of course!

But I never thought I could become a member.

I told those who urged me to take the test that I didn’t see any point in paying $40 to take an exam I knew I’d fail.

Well, good friend Randy Cassingham mentioned in his This is True weekly newsletter that even old SAT scores can be used to qualify. Hmph…I took the SAT in high school back in 1969. I couldn’t find a copy of my score. But I did run across my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from 1978 when I was in the Air Force and wanted to start a Masters program in Electrical Engineering.

And my scores qualified. So…my application for Mensa went off today.

Something I thought would never happen!

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