Oops…a Tiny (Big) Misunderstanding

From Chris (and this is an exact quote): “I read some comments from the author, and he made it sound as if he thought Conservatives, Republicans and anyone who believes in God are idiots. As I am all three of these, I would like to not receive any more of his writings. I am all for intelligent discourse, but without the name-calling and the idea that if people don’t think like you, they are somehow unintelligent. Please unsubscribe me.”

Sorry to see you go, Chris. AWeber tells me you’ve been a free subscriber since Jan 30th, so you’re several chapters into the book. I’ve hidden my own religion (definitely Christian) and describe it in the book vaguely as a “mainstream” denomination. I know plenty of conservative people as well as Republicans (my mother and sister for two) and have a deep religious belief myself—you didn’t get to the chapters that describe my interaction with my pastor. So I don’t think these people are idiots. But there are people I do think are idiots, and I freely describe them in the book. Lazy, unthinking, blinkered, stupid people are idiots! People whose “fundamentalism” is of the blind variety, who have a knee-jerk reaction to anything outside their tiny little worlds, and who yell before they seek to understand? Yes, these are idiots! And as far as religion, you’ll note that the FOG folks are dealing with truly sacred artifacts: the Holy Grail and the sole remaining remnant (so they think) of Moses’ staff. I define “reverence” as “respect for sacred things,” and you’ll never find me showing disrespect for the truly holy. This does not stop me, of course, from finding humor in any situation. And I’ll admit to picking on people from Texas and New York, undoubtedly unfairly!

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