Mt. Sneffels Press is Now a Micropress

[Note: the point is now moot, as Mt. Sneffels Press is adding other authors to its catalog.]

I’m going to paraphrase this reader comment because the language was rather strong. (The word “flame” comes to mind.) Stephen wrote about Mt. Sneffels Press, asking if it was for real or just published my books. He pointed out I said it was not a vanity press (see Mt. Sneffels Press page.) He’s almost right. A vanity press is one that takes lots of money for a setup charge and then gives you your books. I did not go to a vanity press (there are lots out there, and they’re quite eager to take my money and, frankly, I think by and large they’re all scams). Rather, I set up my own publishing house. Indeed, Mt. Sneffels Press at present only publishes my broomstick books. In fact, at this point it’s not much more than a name registered with the Colorado Secretary of State (which cost me $1) and a Colorado-registered logo (another dollar) and a credit union account (which costs me nothing). Gee whiz…I had to put something down for the name of the publisher! (And, when obtaining my ISBN numbers, I had to provide the name and address of the publisher.) So, let’s set the record straight. No, Mt. Sneffels Press is not a vanity press. Yes, I am self-published. And, yes, I’m open to the idea of publishing the works of local authors (one has contacted me), although I guess at that point I have to charge him enough money to cover my costs, which I guess will turn it into something of a vanity press…circular logic here. Poor Stephen accused me of trying to put something past him. Alas. That was never my intention.

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