Dave’s Other Books

Dave Casler, author

Dave Casler wrote several books before finding his true calling on the Great American Flying Broomstick

  • Dave’s first novel, The Fox Hunt Adventure, published in 1992, is still in print and can be obtained from the original publisher. The story follows teen ham radio operators as they hear mysterious signals on their radios and track them to a shady gang.
  • Dave’s second novel, About Dan is a young-adult novel. Dan Cook, age 16, loses everything. Why? He discovers the true meaning of friendship as he puts his life back together. About Dan explores how a teen holds up under the pressure of repeated and unrelenting adversity. Dan’s junior year at Park High starts normally enough. The sixteen-year-old, originally from Manchester, England, plays varsity soccer, lives with his mother, and really doesn’t have too many cares. That doesn’t last. In the game against Anderson High, played under the hot sun at the foot of the Flatirons in late September, Dan has an accident that completely blows out his knee and breaks his leg. So much for soccer. But it doesn’t stop there. Disaster after disaster comes Dan’s way, some merely annoying, some truly overwhelming. How does he handle the buffeting and keep his head above water? Well, he has friends, at least those who stand by him.
  • Dave’s third novel is About Phillip, now available on Kindle for 99 cents! Phillip Maceda discovers he’s a budding track star. Now if he can just figure out his abusive father. About Phillip explores the relationship between a teen and his father. Phillip Maceda is a computer nerd who likes to run for exercise. He’s been talked into joining the Park High track team. He likes to be by himself or with his faithful co-nerd Grant Haven. Phillip is nearly sixteen but wants to have nothing to do with learning to drive, thinking that public transportation is simpler, cheaper, and more ecologically sound. This doesn’t meet with his father’s approval, who insists he learn so he can take turns ferrying his younger brother to and from school. Adding to Phillip’s discomfort at home, he’s being hounded by Matthew Christiansen, a born-again fundamentalist Christian who figures Phillip is a good target for his anti-Mormon diatribes. At least Phillip can find refuge at the Boulder Valley Pet Store, where he works after school. Lance Maceda, Phillip’s father, is a self-made man who proudly runs a retail furniture store in Boulder. Unbeknownst to Phillip, Lance’s store is suffering because the big-box furniture stores in Broomfield are undercutting his prices. Lance’s business is in trouble, and with it the Maceda’s family income. Father and son don’t get along. Lance is hard-charging and by the book. Phillip would really rather stop and smell the flowers along the way. They finally meet head-on, with disastrous results.

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