Book 1: Genesis

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The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick, Book 1: Genesis
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Book 1: Genesis
Watch author Dave Casler read from Book 1.
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Book 1: Genesis tells the story from the beginning. In 2005, Dave, an engineer for a large computer company, stumbled into a highly secret organization in London called the Fraternal Order of the Grail (FOG). These elderly gnomes are all that remains of a proud organization that to this day guards the Holy Grail as well as the sole remaining remnant of Moses’ staff. Unbeknownst to FOGgers, they were also sitting on an unusual power of immense proportions—something they’d never studied.

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After his accidental induction into FOG, Dave went home to Colorado to experiment with this newfound power, embodied in a wandlike “rod” that can levitate objects, start fires, create water and even make carrots! Given Dave’s infatuation with the young adult fantasy book/movie series Three on a Broomstick, he attempted the creation of a real flying broomstick. He succeeded! But his success soon got him in over his head.

The flying broomstick became public after Dave accidentally flew through a tree during flight trials and needed urgent medical attention. He was seen.

Dave jousts with the news media, the FAA, the studio that brings us Three on a Broomstick, the Air Force, and Congress. And what happens at the very end that persuades Dave to give away the technology to anyone who wants it? All is explained in The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick, Book 1: Genesis, which sets the stage for adventures yet to come!

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