Drawing from The Unexpected Traveler—The Magic Sword

Here’s an image from The Unexpected Traveler and the text it illustrates. For more information, see the project page.

The magic sword

The magic sword that Matt found in the high country. Art by Loretta Casler, www.aldea-art.com.

     “Uh, huh. So what’s magic about it?”
     “Pick it up.”
     Standing, I reached across the table. The moment my fingers touched the grip, I jerked and sat back heavily.
     “I told you,” Matt said, smiling smugly. “It’s magic. It must have something to do with that weirdo. I saw him today; maybe he was a hundred yards away. Really skinny.”
     I went around the table to stand beside Matt. Touching it, the sword was again electric. Quite deliberately, I tightly closed my fist around the grip. Electricity zinged through me, from head to foot and back again. I lifted the sword up and held it out straight, away from Matt. The feeling was entirely pleasant, like awakening after a summer nap. As I swung it back and forth, Matt pushed himself out of the way; his chair toppled and dumped him atop his crampons. He swore.
     I ignored him. This amazing object was an extension of my arm, much more so than any other of Matt’s swords. I thrust it forward and swung it back and forth while Matt clambered to his feet. The electric feeling elated me. Holding it near the window, I eyed the fuller closely, careful not to touch the sword’s edge.
     “Wow!” Reluctantly, I put it back on the table and stood back. “How did you make it feel like that? I don’t see where the batteries go.”
     Rubbing his elbow, he righted his chair. He went back to his polishing as though he found magic swords every day.

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