Drawing from The Unexpected Traveler—Dungeon in Malgon Castle

Here’s an image from The Unexpected Traveler and the text it illustrates. For more information, see the project page.

Dungeon door

A cell in the dungeon in Malgon Castle. Art by Loretta Casler, www.aldea-art.com

     I poked my flashlight through one of the identical barred windows. The first fifteen cells held nothing. The sixteenth, which had a key in the lock, took my breath away.
     “Rainier!” I hissed. “You’d better look.”
     He did and shrank back. The cell was full of skeletons, mummified in the dry climate, all clad in armor. Here and there was some hair. Some of the armor was torn. The floor and the door were covered in bird droppings.
     “How have the gods allowed this?” he muttered.
     He turned the key. Skeletons that had leaned on the door tumbled into the hallway, the armor clattering and rolling down the corridor.
     He swore in a language I didn’t understand. About 25 elves had been thrust into the cell.
     “All warriors!” he muttered, shocked. “And look at that insignia! That’s my father’s! Someone from Dag-Dakut!”

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