Drawing from The Unexpected Traveler—Grazing Sheep

Here’s an image from The Unexpected Traveler and the text it illustrates. For more information, see the project page.


Sheep safely graze near Eagle's Nest

     We circled a field where three other dragons waited. I was unceremoniously deposited: the great talons parted the moment I touched the ground. My dragon waddled to join the others. They lifted off, matching each other for every flap and twirl, in tight formation. I lay on my back in the cool, wet grass and watched them circle to gain altitude. They headed east, away from the low sun, high into the Lamp. Numa already peeked down at me.
     I was alone. The sun dipped below the pines, leaving me in shadow. The temperature dropped sharply, just as it did in Hammond with every sunset. The enormous pines kept watch over the grassy clearing. Sheep peeked out from under to see if the dragons were gone; commented to each other, and went back to grazing. I luxuriated in the comfortable grass, wondering if I dared fall asleep right there. Somehow the narrow canyon, with granite walls a good thousand feet high on either side, plus the rush of the nearby creek and birdsong on the gentle breeze, made everything seem like it had been one long dream. The sheep kept their distance.

Art by Loretta Casler. See her website here.

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