Enjoyable Book Signing at Walgreens in Montrose

Signing at Walgreens

I was one of six local authors signing books at the Montrose, CO, Walgreens. This photo was snapped by Willyn Webb, fellow author and table-mate, on my camera. Click on this image to go to Willyn's website.

Today brought an enjoyable book signing at the Walgreens store in Montrose, CO, about 20 miles north of where I live. The manager there, Rich Parr, supports local authors with a large table in the checkout area that’s chock-full of books. Most are history-oriented, with a few novels thrown in. Rich organized today’s signing at a time when the store was full of Christmas shoppers; in fact I’ve never seen the parking lot so full. Six authors were represented. I had my flying broomstick books front and center, plus two other books that I publish. One is the popular Narrow Gauge Railroading in the San Juan Triangle: The Rio Grande Southern, the Ouray Branch of the D&RG and Otto Mears’ Silverton RR and the other the new publication by the Ouray County Historical Society, Journal, Volume 4, 2010.
One fun part of group book signings is meeting other local authors. Several had local history books. Artist Bob DeJulio was there with his book too. Overall the event was low key, which gave lots of time for chatting.
Interestingly, I’m seeing a pattern that the folks who are intrigued by the flying broomstick books are quite young. That’s fine by me! When I put the first flying broomstick book, Genesis, up on Smashwords, I specified that one category it fit into is “young adult.” Well, as it turns out, Apple’s iBookStore lumps “children” and “young adult” together, so if you try to buy a copy for your iPad, it’s listed as a “children’s book.” I suppose it takes time to sort these things out. In the meantime, I think it’s a great book for all ages, and so do my readers. And…remember…these books make great Christmas gifts! During checkout you can provide me with special instructions, such as sending it directly to your gift recipient. Safe brooming!

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