Weather Page Fixed

Weather station atop roof

Davis weather station atop my roof. It's solar powered and sends info down to the console via wireless link.

My weather station atop my roof works just fine. The wireless receiver in my study works just fine. The data logger works just fine. But the Ambient Virtual Weather Station software has been nothing but trouble ever since I set it up. I use a laptop I got on eBay that sports Win 98 SE, which Ambient is supposed to run on. And I set it up to create a page on this blog ( that provides “real time” weather.
Well, the stinker was so undependable I finally just turned it off. But I discovered I wasn’t the only one looking at it. Reader Rob McAtee, ham radio license W9RZ, commented on my other (and more active) blog (see this page) that he missed the information. He also mentioned Weatherlink software. This led to digging through the documentation that came with the weather station data logger. Weatherlink is the software that Davis, the maker of the Vantage Pro 2 station, provided with the hardware. I’d always heard Ambient was the better software. Well, I crawled (and I do mean crawled) through the Weatherlink documentation and fixed the weather page. Check it out here. It’s not as snazzy as Ambient, but it does seem to work. Time will tell to see how stable it is, but it’s been up for several days now, so I have high hopes. I’m still using that old Win 98 SE laptop.
The station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 with standard radiation shield (click here for product details). The data logger (a plug-in to the console that collects info and makes it available to the computer via USB cable) and associated software is Weatherlink (click here for more info).

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