The American Flying Broomstick Web Pages Moved

Logo for American Flying Broomstick

The Web Pages Consolidated into MSP

As part of an ongoing “look and feel” consolidation, the web pages for have been placed onto the Mt. Sneffels Press server. All the information is intact, including the videos. You can go to the AFB pages directly or you can navigate by using the menu bar at the top of the page. Hover the mouse over “Projects” and you can click on “Flying Broomstick,” which has all the links. As usual, you can order any of the three books in the series via our catalog page.

The “Technology” page has been bumped up a notch to be its own “Project” page. I get questions all the time about doing this and that. You’ll find the answers on the Technology page.

And the “Weather Station” is also its own project. It took several hours of work to get the weather station info to upload properly, but I finally persuaded WordPress to do an “include,” which means the page always contains the latest data. That meant a plug-in to permit “including” some php code. If that sounds technical, it is!

In the past I had a couple earlier pre-broomstick books online and took them down to reduce expenses. Now that I’m consolidating on this site, I will re-post them. The two books are in the “About” series: About Dan and About Phillip. Watch for them!

If you find any problems (stray links or other disconnects), please alert me via a comment to this post. Thanks!

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