Experiment: New Broom Intro Video

This is an experiment. Randy Cassingham made a very nice video introduction for me to put on the www.americanflyingbroomstick.com home page. And he did a great job! But I did it on a day that my bipolar illness had taken me way, way down. So, I thought I’d try something a little different:

The production values stink, but I would like some feedback on the concept. The video is much shorter and hopefully more entertaining. So, compare it with the old one here: (Be careful–the volume on this second video is much louder.)

Remember, the production values are much better for the second, so think about content, length, humor, etc. Tell me what you think by commenting using the box below.

The old video has been viewed literally hundreds of times, but has not resulted in hundreds of sales. Help me define a video that turns the merely curious into bona fide broomsters!

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