Mt. Sneffels Press Blog Upgraded

The latest version of WordPress is 2.9.1

Greetings from Geekland here. I’ve spent the last couple hours upgrading the blog software that underpins this site, WordPress. The auto upgrade feature doesn’t work for me (I must have a configuration file set wrong somewhere), so that means transferring hundreds of files to my hosting provider. They make it fairly easy, but I did run into a snag here and there. I like WordPress because 1) I’ve been able to make it work, 2) it’s pretty easy to post things and add shopping buttons and whatnot, and 3) it’s well supported. Oh, and 4) it’s free! If you want to experiment, WordPress allows you to create your own blog on their site. Mt. Sneffels Press isn’t hosted there, but rather at Digital Space.

I’ve been putting off this upgrade for awhile now, but it pays to be current, as the latest version has all the bug patches and security fixes. I decided to devote this evening to getting my Internet house in order, although I hope to spend a little time working on the first draft of The Unexpected Traveler!

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