Reader Comments About Broom 1

Here are some comments I received from Joe over several e-mails. I thought you’d enjoy them too. The free edition of Broom 1 is still no longer available; go to the site to subscribe to a free chapter a week.

Since the 1st chapter I’ve been enjoying your book, and thank you for it being free.

This chapter [74], however, I enjoyed very, very much. Being in the aerospace business…and having been to London, today’s chapter was extra fun, great narrative and descriptions.

Randy Cassingham is the reason I signed up for your book, I’ve been a This is True subscriber for many years (the premium edition with this email address, the free edition with another.)

I was actually thinking, less than 5 minutes ago, that I hadn’t received a chapter recently (meaning this week) and that I miss it, and briefly considered buying the book, then quickly realized I just can’t realistically take the time to read a book and will settle for a chapter a week.

At any rate, I do immensely enjoy your writing and story, and thank you very much for providing the free version!

Readers have four three options for the first book in the American Flying Broomstick series: buy the book from us ($9.95+S&H), buy the hard copy from Amazon ($9.95+S&H, eligible for free Super Saver shipping if your order totals $25 or more), buy it on Kindle (currently $6.95), or get a free chapter a week. Anyway you do it is fine with me. I’m delighted so many readers are enjoying it.

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