Reader Savors Broom 1

Here’s a comment from Pam:

My mom bought the first two Great American Broomsticks as a gift for me at [ARRL Amateur Radio] Field Day. I started reading #1 Sat night and had to be very firm with myself to go to bed so I could get back to the mesa the next morning. I finished up this afternoon (Mon.) I love the first person style and am trying to decide whether to save book two for a day or two so I can savor book one longer—or if I just won’t sleep tonight!

I’ll be watching for #3. Thanks for writing them and thanks to my mom for being sharp enough to snag them for me.

Thanks for the kind words, Pam. And Broom 3 is now ready for order!

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2 Responses to Reader Savors Broom 1

  1. Chelsey Johnson says:

    Bravo again! I just finished book 2 and cant wait to snag book 3! I just cant put them down once I start reading! The books not only make me wish I could fly a broomstick, but as a life long resident of Ridgway that has since moved away, it is like taking a trip home. It is especially enjoyable to personally know the characters, it often makes all the laughs that much more enjoyable! I spent a large amount of my reading time laughing or chuckling. I think my girlfriend thought I was a little nuts at first because I would just randomly break the silence of the room in tear jerking laughter! Thanks for all the hard work Dave! Great books! Now its on to book 3! Any plans for a book 4?

    Best Regards,and Safe Brooming,

  2. dave says:

    Chelsey, thanks for the kind words. I put this up as a separate post so it would appear up where everyone can see it.

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