Broom 3 is Here!

The third book in the Flying Broomstick series is here! Click on image to order today!

The third book in the Flying Broomstick series is here! Order today!

The long-awaited third book in the Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick series is here. Entitled FOG at the Crossroads, it tells the amazing story of the loss and recovery of the Holy Grail.

The official launch date is Saturday, October 3rd at the Regional Mensa Convention in Reno, Nevada. I’ve been invited to give a 90-minute talk about flying broomsticks, similar to what I presented at the 2008 Mensa National Convention in Denver. But you can order the book today.

Here’s the blurb:

“Book 3 in the American Flying Broomstick series starts with a bombshell. The tiny Fraternal Order of the Grail (FOG), the group that has safeguarded the Holy Grail for two millennia, has misplaced it. The Keeper, Reggie Baker, moved the Grail to its new secret repository and then died while walking his dog—before he could tell the other brethren where he’d put it! The loss causes a rift between powerful American brother Hal Bender and the English branch centered in London, and Dave is caught in the middle. Dave makes haste to London to organize FOG’s new young novices to find the Holy Grail—by using flying broomsticks, of course. But the media is full of rumors that FOG will take back the Power that enables broomsticks to fly. And the sinister Plasma Vortex organization is after Dave’s wand so they can use its power for extortion and general mayhem. FOG at the Crossroads records Dave’s high adventure in the American West and in Southern England. Come along for the wild ride!”

Check it out and order today. See our catalog for order information.

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