Status of Broom 3

I received a query from Karen about Book 3 and whether I’d be at the Mensa AG Conference this July in Pittsburgh. In short, it’s “almost” ready and, no, I won’t be in Pittsburgh.

But…I will be at the Reno regional Mensa event in October. For sure with Broom 3!

Broom 3 is “almost” done. It’s been “almost” done for quite some time—months even! It seems there’s one little bit that didn’t satisfy a key reviewer. He thought it irrelevant. I thought it vital to set up the central problem that’ll be addressed in Broom 4. So…I’ve rewritten most of it, but still have a couple chapters to go. Once that’s done, Broom 3 will go into production, which means creating cover art and sending it off to the printer.

I was invited to Pittsburgh, but my schedule just won’t permit it. However, my good friend Randy Cassingham will be there. Ken Wright has prevailed upon me to set aside time in October to be in Reno for the Reno-ssaince Mensa Regional Conference. I’ll be there, reprising some of my Denver material but mostly focusing on Broom 3. (I may also take the test to see if I qualify as a Mensan, but I think I already know the answer: No!)

I’ve been neglecting Broom 3 a bit since I’ve been working to publish Mary Ann Dismant’s very sweet reminiscences of her childhood in Denver many years ago, plus publishing the local Railroad Museum’s new book on narrow gauge railroads in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. But now nothing stands in the way! Look for it soon.

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