…and Back Again

My last post sure sounded rosy, didn’t it? Spring, flowers, fun, games, way too many strawberries (a quart or two just for me). Well, Mother Nature had other ideas. You see, I normally get colds on Tuesday. The standard-issue cold virus has about a two-day incubation period. That means I catch my colds at Church.

Oh no. Not this time. I came down with the cold on Friday. That means I caught it Wednesday, which is the day we flew from Montrose to LAX. Thank you, dear traveling public.

Well, we were due to return Sunday. The worst was probably over, but I hacked and coughed through breakfast. We made a command decision. We abandoned our airline reservations (they were free anyway—frequent flyer miles), called Hertz to extend the rental, and started the drive home.

There were two issues. First, TSA is looking for sick travelers. They would’ve spotted me immediately. Second, if I whine about others traveling while ill, to do so myself is just plain hypocrisy. We got as far as Richfield, Utah, on Sunday and came the rest of the way today. I’m better—my colds are usually short—but still hacking. Alas.

I forgot to mention one thing in the last post. Cell phone antennas. How attractive, you say. Well, they’re not. But in California, which fairly drips infrastructure, cell phone antennas are posted everywhere disguised as—you guessed it—cell phone antennas. Yep, they’re forthright about it. No hiding. Odd really. I guess it’s been so long since I’ve been to California that I didn’t notice them last time. In the rest of the U.S., people want them hidden. I don’t see any around here, but our cell phones work just fine.

(Oh, we did see one decked out in fake palm fronds. Must’ve been some local requirement.)

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