I posted previously here about a city in the UK that has decided to do away with apostrophes on its street signs. Well, they appear to have started a flood of such procedures, presumably known as an apostronectomies. And now there’s a new society that has sprung to the apostrophe’s defense, the Plain English Campaign (I think that’s the right URL—not really sure). The article in The Register quotes Marie Clair of the PEC as saying “All the feedback we have had suggests that people want to hold on to the apostrophe. I think the council should listen to its rate payers.” Oh, yes, the Apostrophe Protection Society kicked in their comments too. John Richards of the APS is quoted as saying “It is choosing the easy way out, dumbing down and showing contempt for the large number of area’s residents who take a pride in the English language.”

Well, although I think it’s a tempest in a teapot, it’s one well worth navigating. I agree our proud English language (such as it is spoken in America) is slowly evaporating. Dumbed down. Simplified. One wonders who still loves convoluted sentences?

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