Loves the Free Chapter a Week!

Arlene sent this comment to me using the American Flying Broomstick comment form:

I’ve been getting the free weekly subscription for a while now, since Randy C. talked about it in his “this is true” newsletter. When you told us you were reducing the cost of the books, I immediately went to the website to buy it. Before I did, however, I realized how much I am enjoying the little snippets once a week. If I bought the book, I would lose the weekly e-mails, and I decided I didn’t want to do that. Thanks!

Arlene, not to worry! You are welcome to stay on the free chapter a week e-mail list. But you can do both. I sold both books to a Mensa Convention attendee, who wrote me to say he was signing up for the free chapter a week e-mail list to “relive” the experience. You can too! Your purchase supports this site and the free list. I’m glad you’re enjoying the flying broomstick experience!

(Note: the free chapter a week program is no longer available.)

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