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This was sent to all folks on my various Flying Broomstick mailing lists:

Greetings from Broom Headquarters!

I’ve been making changes and I think you’ll like them.

1. I’m dropping out of Amazon, which means I can lower the price for the first book, “The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick, Book 1: Genesis.” It was my desire to make it available on Amazon that led me to the original $17.76 price, but now that I’m removing it, I can drop the price to $9.95. I think that’s a much more reasonable price for a novel, don’t you? (And I still make money, more than I do with Amazon.)

2. I’ve put video on the site. Go to and click on the introductory video. Also, go to the page for each of the two books (use the menu at the left) to see me read video exerpts.

3. Because both books now cost only $9.95 each (with $2.75 shipping via media mail in the US), I’m dropping the Premium and Platinum on-line subscriptions. The free chapter a week will remain and all of you on that list will continue to get your chapters!

4. There’s a bit of a special if you purchase both books at once, with a break on shipping, because shipping two books costs very little more than shipping one book.

5. I’ve created an entirely new site for Mt. Sneffels Press, at Instead of hand-coding the site as I’ve done before, the site is a WordPress blog. Mt. Sneffels Press has moved into the category of “micropress,” because Paul and Becky Klein McCreary’s book has been added to the catalog. And I’m working with two more authors. My blog is about writing: the process, the pitfalls, suggestions, etc. Take a look and write comments. (P.S. Now that I’m using WordPress, I wonder why I ever thought of setting up a site any other way!)

6. Status of Broom 3, FOG at the Crossroads: It’s essentially finished, but I’m getting one more review from my best reviewer. I completely rewrote it in response to his first set of comments, so I want to get it right. It should be released in a couple months. I think you’ll love it!

So, now’s your chance to get the hardcopy books and join the ranks of flying broomstick enthusiasts! Please pass this note to your friends to tell them about the books, the free chapter a week list, and the new Mt. Sneffels Press site.

And my thanks for making flying broomsticks a reality!

Dave Casler

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