Price Change for Broom 1

I’m changing the price of Broom 1 from $17.76 to $9.95. Why? Because I’ve decided to let Amazon sell the copies they have and then drop it. Amazon takes 55% (!) which forces the book price out of reach. So, by dealing directly with you, I can drop the price to something far more reasonable. Broom 1 and Broom 2 are now each $9.95. I’ve had to raise the shipping a bit to cover increases in postage—the shipping per book is $2.75, or, if you use the special, you can save a bit on the combo plus the shipping is $3.00 for the pair. See the American Flying Broomstick website or order via our Catalog page.

By the way, Amazon has only 7 copies left. I’ve instructed them to drop the price to $9.95 in a few days. So, if you combine that with other items to qualify for free shipping, you’ve got a great deal!

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