Mt. Sneffels Press Catalog Expanding

I originally formed Mt. Sneffels Press as a legal entity so I could self-publish the American Flying Broomstick books.  But we’re growing! Paul and Becky McCreary have a new book, Barbed Wire and Wild Flowers, now published under Mt. Sneffels Press.  So Mt. Sneffels Press moved from a one-man shop into the category of “micropress.”

And there’s more on the way, as the Ridgway Railroad Museum wants to add a volume.  The Ridgway Railroad Museum had over 7000 visitors last year and features the famous “Galloping Goose” and the Rio Grand and Southern Railway.  Often visitors want to leave with a book of some sort, but the large coffee-table books are sometimes $70 or more, so the Museum is creating a smaller book with stories and photographs to sell in the $13 or $14 range.  Mt. Sneffels Press will publish this book, which will be available at the Museum or online at the Mt. Sneffels Press home page. They’re thinking it might be ready in Spring, 2009.

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