Will “American” Flying Broomstick Upset the Brits?

From Jeff via e-mail: $17.76 is an excellent price, but… There are certain
sensitive folk who dislike that particular number.

True story:

While I worked at a large international company, one of our
computer products needed a numeric password so Field
Engineers could access and change the configuration table.
They already needed a specially cut key, so the password
only needed to be long enough that no one would key it
accidentally, and it should be easy to remember.

The engineering department decided on 07041776 and a memo
was sent to all the heads of Field Engineering Departments

Several months after the product entered service, our
factory began getting problem reports from across the pond.
To drastically shorten a hilarious Keystone Kops runaround,
it turned out that the head of Field Engineering for UK had
thrown the memo in the trash because of the ‘offensive’
number which it asked him to provide to all his Engineers.

Some people have a loooong memory!

So, if you’re not getting many orders from the UK, consider
giving them a ‘special’ price. Perhaps £11.05 for Guy Fawkes

Hmph. Well, I suppose. That was a loooong time ago. But interesting now that you mention it. After all, the power to fly a broom came from London. The reason for calling it the “Great American” broomstick was to avoid the label of witchcraft (see page 121). There’s more on the English vs. Yankee problem in Book 2 and even more in Book 3. Your suggestion to provide an especially significant price for our British forefathers is interesting, but £11.05 works out to close to US$23! Hmmm…maybe I could give a discount on the shipping. Let me think about it and play with PayPal to see how to make a button just for the folks in the U.K.

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