Paul McCreary

Paul McCreary

Paul McCreary

Paul McCreary grew up on farms in East-Central Illinois in the 1950s and 60s. He graduated from college as an art major with an interest in creative writing and photography and moved to Michigan to teach in 1966. After nearly 29 years there, and becoming the father of three accomplished children, he retired to Southern Indiana in 1996. He pursued art, writing, and photography, and met and married his lovely wife Becky, continuing the same interests. They moved to beautiful Ouray, Colorado, to operate a bed and breakfast. And now they split their time between Colorado and Arizona. They have long threatened to write a collaborative work of prose and poetry. The threat has come to fruition. Most of Paul’s short stories are fiction, while some are based on true events.

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2 Responses to Paul McCreary

  1. pete sebert says:

    I have not read the collaboration, just found it. But when they lived in Brown County their collaboration brought forth opportunity to many of us in the form of a book called Hill Sounds. It contains short stories by Paul, poems by Becky – poignant, powerful, poetic are but a few of the words to describe what I know. Pete Sebert, storyteller and Brown Countian by choice

  2. Bruce Trego says:

    I grew up as Paul’s next-farm-over neighbor and enjoyed his company, marvelled at his creativity and fed on his humor. Now knowing that he directed those talents into stories, poems and books I now have a Six Degrees of familiarity situation to brag about. And I WILL find his books…

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