Selling Books at the Mensa Convention

Randy Cassingham, whom many of you know via This Is True, was slated to speak at the July 2008 Mensa annual convention in Denver, and he suggested I do likewise. (No, it was more like there was no option.)
I had no idea what to expect. I asked for a “small” room (seats 40) and dithered for weeks about what to say. After all, the Mensans, by definition, are the brightest people around! Finally, I just decided to be myself. I said I wasn’t there to tell them about creative writing or read a bunch of exerpts (although I read a few). I just started by telling them how a broom worked, along with all the engineering pitfalls. The crowd caught every one of my jokes and soon we were just all swept along having a wonderful time. Oh, the crowd? Well, it was standing room only. I sold books (both Broom 1 and Broom 2) immediately after and signed them as fast as I could. After our allotted time was up, I moved to a table in “author’s row” and sat there for several hours, selling books continually. All told, I sold 88 books, which for an event like this, is phenomenal! As a matter of fact, I sold out of Broom 1 completely. I got an Internet order yesterday, so my wife is retrieving one from her art gallery so I can fulfill the order. And I called the printer today and ordered more–they should be here July 17th.

And so my special thanks to Randy Cassingham for twisting my arm. What a blast! (And thanks to Randy for the photo.)

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