The Sequel: The Missing Wand

Broom 2 (The Missing Wand) is off to the printer for a July 4th release date! And I’m greatly reducing the price. I’ve decided not to sell Broom 2 via Amazon, so that gives me considerably more latitude. For only $9.95 per copy, I can sell hard copies via the website and still handily rake in a tiny profit. I think most people will find $9.95 a reasonable price for a wonderful fantasy. By the way, The Missing Wand clocks in at 322 pages versus Genesis‘s 288 pages. That makes it an even better value proposition: only 3.1ยข per page! I’ll probably have to raise the shipping and handling fee from $2 to about $2.50 because of the recent postage rate hike. (Note that the $2.50 is less than it actually costs me for the padded envelope and the media mail postage, so you’re getting a bargain.)

I’ll be updating the website in June so it includes both books. Just as a teaser, I’m including here a cover shot. I recently acquired Adobe Photoshop Essentials and invested several hours in the cover shot—and then my wife Loretta pointed out I’d omitted the GPS from the setup! So, I reshot everything and reassembled the cover.

I’m toying with withdrawing Genesis from Amazon and then dropping the price likewise to $9.95, although, oddly enough, the printing price for Genesis was more than that for The Missing Wand. Go figure. Opinions, anyone?

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