Nice Comments…and then…

After I uploaded the next block of free chapters to AWeber, I received numerous responses to my request that readers confirm they were receiving chapters again. Nearly everyone (and there were quite a few of you) responded in the affirmative. There were a few problems, which were promptly fixed.

(Note: the free chapter a week program is over.)

Along with the responses came many positive comments. Jeff: “And a very nice chapter it was!” Mike: “…am very impressed as always.” Tom: “…it’s interesting reading.” Hank: “Thank you. I really enjoy the book.” Bobbi: “Thanks for keeping the free chapter a week – I look forward to it every Sunday.” (Note that the glitch may mean it’s no longer on Sunday…sorry.) Alf: “…we are enjoying the book.” Carol: “Keep up the good work.” John: “I am enjoying receiving the chapters to your book and look forward to each one.” Alice: “Keep ’em coming – they’re fascinating!!”

Gee. With all those good wishes, I feel pretty good!

But I got a most curious reader comment today from Deanna, who unsubscribed: “I do not have $$$ for more chapters/week nor for the book. Therefore since I get asked every time to pay for more and I cannot, I will just let you send to those who can pay.”

Alas. I think we have a failure to communicate. Anyone can receive free chapters for as long as they like. And…gee…free…doesn’t it have to be paid for somehow? All the free stuff I get comes with advertising, and likewise so do the free chapters. In this case, the advertising is for an upgrade subscription or the hardcopy book. Seems pretty harmless to me! Many of the free chapter readers are also subscribers to This is True, as am I. In fact, Randy and I live only three miles apart and are great friends. Randy’s free edition always has an ad for the premium edition. And Randy was the one who suggested the free chapters! So, I bid a reluctant goodbye to Deanna and am grateful for all the free subscribers who send such nice comments as recorded above.

This brings up an interesting point. I do have some expenses, and am hoping for more Premium and PLATINUM (always capitalized) subscriptions to help defray the costs. But my blandishments aren’t working all that well. Only $6 one time fee! Suggestions, anyone? (See the American Flying Broomstick homepage to subscribe to the free, Premium, or PLATINUM lists.)

And I’m advertising via Google Adwords. That’s bringing in a few new free chapter subscribers. In fact, if you Google “flying broomstick,” I’m right up there on the first page! But (sigh) I don’t seem to be reaching those who want to buy books about flying broomsticks in Ridgway. I’ve tried over a hundred keywords, but am not getting to those people who wish someone would write a cool fantasy set in the midst of a real place (a genre called “urban fantasy”). I am open to ideas.

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