Misteaks at the Colorado Democratic Convention

I was sitting fat, dumb, and happy as a delegate at the Colorado State Democratic Convention (I have never seen disorganization on such a massive scale!—see picture—I’m the one with the gray beard and dark shirt) when a note came in from Don…. I sent out the following to the Free Chapters distribution list:


Don points out that free chapter 15 hasn’t yet arrived. That, unfortunately, is a mix up on my part. I only had 14 chapters loaded, figuring that meant I had 14 weeks to catch up on other business before adding more chapters.

Well, the 14 weeks caught up with me, and have caught up with me in a place I can’t do anything about it. I’m currently in Colorado Springs for the Colorado State Democratic Convention where I’m an Obama delegate. The convention finished today (you would not believe the noise and the level of disorganization!) and I’ll be back in Ridgway (where my broom files are) on Monday evening.

I’ve already loaded the entire book for the Premium and PLATINUM level subscriptions, so I have all the stuff ready to go for those. A couple hours with AWeber will fix the problem with the free chapters.

And so…my apologies to all of you looking for your weekly broom fix… it will be taken care of soon.

BTW, the next book in the series, The Missing Wand, is coming out on July 4th. I’ve decided NOT to offer it via Amazon, which means that I can lower the price. I’ve got to get the estimate back from the printer before I can set the price, but that will all be done this month. The second book will be launched on July 4th at the Mensa Convention in Denver (no, I’m not smart enough to be a Mensa, but I will be speaking to them). By the end of this month I expect to have the website up to date with information about The Missing Wand.

“What?” you ask? You say you’re only 14 chapters into Broom 1! You have a few options…simply continue the free chapters…upgrade to a Premium (chapter every 3 days) or a PLATINUM (chapter every day) subscription, or simply order the book either via the website (preferred) or via Amazon (some people would simply rather deal with Amazon, and that’s fine).

What’s the new book about? Well, flying, of course. But now lots of people have brooms. And you would not believe how this gets the FAA all worked up. And the book includes broom races too. Oh, and the duplicate wand that is actually my workaday wand gets stolen. And must be recovered, because it turns out it has some previously unrealized powers that make it too dangerous to lose.

So, stay tuned. I’ll have those free chapters coming shortly. Thanks for your patience and your continued interest in The Story of the Great American Flying Broomstick.

Oh…by way of update, Obama won the general election.

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