Free, Premium, PLATINUM Chapters Remain Unformatted

I’ve had great reaction to the free chapters each week. I thought I’d play around a little with some formatting to spice them up, but the reaction was universally negative, so I immediately dropped the formatting. In fact, one 74-year-old grandmother told me the print was so tiny she couldn’t read it. I sent her the chapter in plain text. And that’s the way they’ll continue for everybody, “just text.”

I also floated the idea that some people might like a “premium” version, say a chapter every other day, and a “PLATINUM version” with a chapter every single day. I thought I might charge a one-time fee of $4.99 for the Premium and $9.99 for the PLATINUM. Wow! The response was overwhelmingly positive. It took me a few days to figure out how to set up AWeber to make it work, but with Randy Cassingham’s help, it’s a go. So, give me a few days to upload everything to the new lists. Then I’ll put buttons on the site you can use to get the Premium or the PLATINUM via PayPal.

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