Book Signing for Broom 1

I’ve been working evenings on Broom 2, getting it ready for publication. [Update: it’s finished, see the American Flying Broomstick website.] I just finished another pass through the manuscript. I’ve been trimming the fluff, tightening up the action, and checking my grammar. In addition, I’m taking a pass through the Broom 3 manuscript, getting it ready for publication later this year. It needs some pretty radical rewrites, so I’m giving myself several months for that.

The book signing was a success and fun to boot! The folks at Hastings really go out of their way for local authors. Not only did they have a table for me, but it was right in front where everyone had to pass by. They had the table decorated with a tablecloth and a poinsettia plant (leftover from Christmas, no doubt). I sold several copies and had fun talking with folks. I pitched it at first as a humor-fantasy combination, but what seemed to really catch people was the assertion that the broom is a revolution in personal transportation. I’ve updated the website accordingly.

Some people wonder about the price, $17.76, thinking it rather high. The price was chosen for two reasons. The first is that 1776 seems like a bit of a pun on the “Great American” title. The other is much more serious— I decided early on I wanted the book listed on Amazon. Amazon takes 55%. That’s right! 55%! So that leaves me with $7.99 per copy. And that has to cover printing, shipping from the printer to me, and shipping from me to the Amazon warehouse. Ouch! I’ve wondered if I should drop Amazon and then drop the price to about $9.95. I’d make more money (meaning I’d be less in the hole) and probably many more people would spring for $9.95 than $17.76, especially for a paperbound book. What do you think? You can contact me via the comment form below. Hmmm…but that would make it difficult for local bookstores to carry it. Hmph. Nothing works perfectly. Naw…I’d still make a little money. Maybe I’ll do it. Let me know what you think.

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